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The EPA recommends duct cleaning when there is visible mold and when vents are clogged or excessively soiled.*

Keeping your HVAC ducts clean saves on the costs of energy.

Pro Clean can clean vertical and horizontal ducting from one to eight stories.

Text Box: We specialize in cleaning these areas:
Text Box: We service a wide range of profit
and non-profit facilities:



Universities & Colleges









Civic Clubs and Banquet Halls


Conference Centers

Care Facilities


Grocery Stores


Convention Centers


Taverns and Pubs

Operating Rooms


Recovery Rooms


ER Patient Rooms & Lobbies

Decontamination Rooms


Sterilization Rooms


Neonatal Care Rooms

Bathroom Vents


Negative Air Rooms


Patient Rooms

Vertical/Horizontal Ducts


HVAC Coils


Return Vents

Supply Vents


Fresh Air Intake


Vent Covers

Evaporator Pans & Bird Screens


Radiators & Wall Units


Bathroom Exhausts